Miss Conception & Her Music

A building is a product of our sun, searching for its cosmic and ecological alignment. It is when, by our collective sight we have perfected it, the building can be recognised as architecture. The paradigm is simple; a point plays its part in the projection of shadow, both in drawing and our built environment. By drawing it has been extrapolated by the use of isometry as a fourth dimensional projection technique; a shadow’s shadow, utilising the conventional angle of a shadows projection. This angle appears too in our built environment, no doubt due to its significance. It can articulate a buildings architecture qualifying the notion of its intent. By design this engages as a future protection acknowledging the architects will to live by the sun and engender the politics of an architectural ecology. This responsibility is unmeasured and repudiates a depth of personal inquiry that can justify the annulment in the currently recognised path of architecture, that has given both hope and reason to a collection of acolytes to add to the political theatre of life.

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