Medium:Charcoal, Paper, Pencil

Music in my vein
I think sometimes, people confuse what music is, music should be about life, and to talk about things people are actually dealing with, what they are actually experiencing. Personally music helps me as well, when I feel something, whether it’s anger, frustration, a passion for something, ” music is where I go”
Music is not just about beat, rhythm and lyrics, it’s more than that, music is a weapon, which could either kill or save, organise or scatter people’s hearts, proverb 4:23 “keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Now imagine what the issues of your life will be when it has been poisoned by what you listen to. Let the music you allow into your heart be light to direct you in this dark world, let them be life to keep you alive in this dying world, allow only good music in your heart, so that what will be pumping through your veins will be good music of life, love, hope and peace.
To those who produce and make good music this piece was made for you, to those who knows the true meaning of music and understand it’s power, to those who through their music give people reason to live, to those who through their music peace was made and not war, to those who through their music spirits are edified, to those who through their music the presence of God is made available. Thank you for allowing good music in my vein.




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