Nonsensical Nostalgia

To grow is to thrive, to accomplish and conquer. However, sometimes the spirit of these
determinations run far from the true motives, causing war, death and destruction.

The photographer Simon Norfolk, is renowned for his war photography and is said to present
the “theatre of war”. In England, we may live far from Afghanistan where Norfolk captures war, but we know the home truths of destruction and the misuse of our planet.

Just today, a news report
commented on the loss of 60% of animal populations since 1970. Once upon a time, cyberpunk and futuristic art, seemed a colourful comment on the idea
that our future could be oiled with large scale structural buildings, lack of human connections and a disparity of nature. However, I feel we are closer to that reality than ever before.

I have taken an image by Simon Norfolk, and converted it into a cyberpunk-style
illustration. However, though this may seem like a colourful depiction of my imagination,
the satiric meaning lies within a very small detail. A box of flowers’ on the character’s
bike, and one planted into the hard concrete.
The journey of growth needs to be replenished.

Illustrated for exhibition in Shoreditch by Daisie App founded by Maisie Williams and Dom Santry.

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