Our Ancient Energies

The synopsis of living with architecture in the UK as an architect is being able to quantify the sense and reason in our built reality. The leap of faith that draws Stonehenge together with the former Didcot cooling towers submits to the standpoint that even monumental architecture is never finished.

There are unanswered questions that orchestrates the point to structure that is in balance with our cosmos. It is only bravado that suggest that this also belongs to royalty as much as Britannia rules the waves.

If we are in doubt that architecture needs to express an opinion it would be towards our education rather than to the experience that we have not had. There is always an echo to the past and by relinquishing the necessity in harbouring a bias that leaves things untouched we can suitably celebrate both the innuendo and style that can un-tap the most ancient of energies. Rule Britannia!

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