Primary Pieces of Maximum Resistance in Primary Colours (Blue, Red & Yellow) 2016

This part of the Collection ‘Selfie Objects of Desire’ about the exploring by Conceptual Art the identity of the Artist through medium of ready-made objects. The signature of the Artist is part of his identity, and belongs to him, and each signature is unique. This is following on from ‘Missing Piece of Least Resistance’ in white.

This series is in Primary colours contains a Set of Three, each one of the Primary Colours, Blue, Red, Yellow Pieces. The Artist has signed the piece in a complimentary colour which is opposite colour on the colour wheel (ie. Blue object is signed in orange pen, Yellow object is signed violet pen, Red object is signed in green pen).

This is a piece of Conceptual Art. This is a Ready-Made Object. A ready-made object is an object that has been designed and manufactured by someone else, and the Artist specified it as a piece of Art. The most famous Conceptual Art & Ready Made object is the ‘The Fountain’ by Marcel Duchamp, which is an urinal turned on its side and signed by the Artist, and juxtapose by displaying the work in the Art Gallery, where it would not normally be seen. This has also been inspired by Equivalent VIII by Carl Andre, in which everyday ready-made bricks taken out of their normal situation of a building and juxtaposed in an art gallery.

This is a Standard size ‘Lego’ Brick, and is entitled ‘Primary Pieces of Maximum Resistance in Primary Colours (Blue, Red & Yellow after Marcel Duchamp)’. The Artist taken a standard ready-made object, designed and manufactured by others, and specified it as piece of Art, by signing it on the front and dating it on the back. This is proposed to be slotted into a completed work of Art of Lego Bricks that someone else has made eg, Lego Standard Kits (made by others by following a set instructions) to complete the puzzle by filling in the last missing piece of the puzzle. The piece of least resistance is inspired by the Lego Movie, 2014 after the Piece of Resistance by the Master Builder.

This has also been inspired by the completion bricks with them stamped dated (as seen on Victorian Buildings in the UK), when the building was built. The Artist is just completing other peoples work, and claiming it for himself!

This is a Set of Three Pieces and contains of of each of the Primary Colours, Blue, Red & Yellow, Signed & Dated

Actual Size of Sculpture: 3.2cm x 1.0cm x 1.6 cm deep

This is a Limited Edition from 1 of 25

** Disclaimer. This is a Limited Sculpture and signed by the artist. Each signature may vary slightly as no two signatures are the same, making each piece a one-off, but forming part of a Limited Edition.

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, United Kingdom (UK)
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