Purple Palms 1

Purple Palms invoke the soft sway of palm leaves overhead, with winks of light peeking though against a clear sky. The gentle curve of the branches fall in such a way as to look like the wings of a great bird and reach out to embrace you.

Purple and violet relate to our crown chakra – they are the colours of perception, insight & higher consciousness. These colours calm and sooth, actively reducing stress on our cerebral and nervous systems making them perfect to meditate on. Purples flow naturally into blues in the light spectrum that also promote calm feelings.

The composition and interplay of light through the leaves creates a soft depth in which to pause for a moment and breathe. Our lives can be so busy and full… by decorating your living-space mindfully you can nurture your inner space too.

Signed Limited Edition of 25.
Giclee print on sustainable 300gsm Hahnemuhle Bamboo fine art paper, using lightfast archival inks to the highest museum quality standards.

Delivering from:
Birmingham, United Kingdom (UK)
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