Queer Gazes Back: Lava

In reports by the Public Health Matters Blog and the Trans Mental Health Study, “52% of young LGBT people reported self-harm either recently or in the past” and that 33% of trans people had attempted suicide “more than once in their lifetime”. Constant representations of ‘the two genders’ that are seen in advertising, societal traditions, stereotyping and constant reinforcement of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ behaviours have caused us to construct a society where heterosexuality and cis-normativity are the assumed identifications for most people. As a result, individuals who deviate from these ‘norms’ and do not identify as one gender, who do not regard themselves as heterosexual, and do not follow the gendered behaviours corresponding with their sex can often feel alienated from society. Through my series of images, I aim to challenge the gender constructs that have been enforced within society of how men and women should act, behave and dress. In order to do this, I have photographed eight individuals who diverge from the archetypes of male and female behaviours/ characteristics and display gender ambiguity through their outward appearance in order to create a body of work that demonstrates representation of those who are often marginalised in society.




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