Rio Olympic Games: Golden Sun Dials in Braille (Blue version), 2016

This work has been inspired by the Rio Olympic Games 2016, and Gold Medal awards, particularly that of Team GB, and finished second on the leader table, inspired by the previous work “Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Three Letter Words” and previous “Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Three Four Letter Words in Braille” and “London 2012 Olympic Games: Three Four Letter Words in Braille”.

This has been inspired by the sculpture of the Olympic flame in the cauldron designed by American Artist, Anthony Howe. The sculpture has kinetic energy spheres and plates that amplify, reflect and rotates, the effects of the small cauldron, during the Opening Ceremony at the Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro. Each piece is designed to rotate independently around the ring, creating a pulsating movement and millions of reflections from the cauldron’s flame.

“My vision was to replicate the sun, using movement to mimic its pulsing energy and reflection of light…” Anthony Howe

In the work I have replaced the plates with Gold Medals and similarly in Anthony Howe work, re-aligned these to form a hidden message in Braille and similarly rotated these, but with another hidden message inspired by Gold Medals and the Sun.

With my previous works, I am interested in codes and hidden messages. The Medals have been arranged in a pattern of six circles grid as used in Braille, to spell a Letter. Contains a series Four horizontal letters, spelling a Four Letter or Two letter words from the Games, and Three Words arranged Vertically. The First Word Spells “Team”, next word “GB 27” refers to Team GB’s 27 Gold Medals, last word on bottom “Gold” (See image for Braille Letter key)

Within this work, I have divided the medal which has an outline of a circle of 360’ into 26 equal segments to represent the 26 Letters of the Alphabet (see image for medal rotated through 180’ to represent the Letter M). The medals have been rotated to spell sporting events of the Olympics, such that top three rows spells “Swim, Gym, Tri” (Tri refers to Triathlon). The medals have been displayed on a background of Blue which is the complimentary colour of the Medals, typically Orange highlights.

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