Rio Olympic Games: Swim like a Butterfly!! 2016
Medium:Digital, Paper

This work has been inspired by the swimming events at the Olympics Games, in particular that of the Butterfly Final, and that of the Team USA and Team GB.

This has been inspired by the swimming events at the Olympics & Paralympic Games. Lanes #1 to 4 incl. depict Olympic Game winners, while Lanes #5-8 depict Paralympic Game winners. In particular that of the Butterfly swimmers, and other swimming and water events.

Olympic Gold medal winners, Michael Phelps (in the work indicated by initials MP, on upper lane #1). Katie Ledecky (indicated by initials KL, upper lane #2). Team GB Gold medal winners, Adam Peaty (indicated by AP, bottom lane #1), next Helen Glover (indicated by initials HG, in next bottom lane #2).

Paralympics Gold winners, Team USA, Bradley Snyder (indicated by initials BS, top lane #5), McKenzie Coan (indicated by initials, MC, top lane #6), Team GB, Ollie Hynd (indicated by OH, bottom lane #5), Bethany Firth (indicated by initials BF, bottom lane #6), see below for full list.

The background contains hidden text behind, forming a playable word search of the Olympics Games events, with either 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 Letter words, similar to previous works.

Butterflies are a current trend at the moment, in the Art Market, with Damien Hirst producing a series of Butterfly works. However, in this work, I have taken the Butterflies out of context, to represent the swimmers, and given it the symbolic colours of the Stars and Stripes Flag of USA, and contrast of the Union Jack of Team GB.

The Butterflies have been arranged in a standard size Olympic Pool with 8 Lines, with boundaries marked by Green, Blue and Yellow vertical lines. The upper half contains an 8 by 8 grid with Team USA Butterfly, opposite this, similarly on lower half with a 8 by 8 grid with Team GB Butterfly swimmers. I am suggesting that the two Teams are competing against each other, in a Relay or Medley in the Olympics, like pawns on an elongated Chess Board (Chess Board also has 8 by 8 grid sqaures)

Within my work I am interested in hidden massages, and within this work there’s a hidden message in Binary Code. From the Top far Left lane, the Butterflies Spells the Letter “T” vertically downwards, 01010100, with the 8 Lanes Spell words “TEAM USA!” with Stars & Stripes Butterflies, similarly the lower half lanes Spells words “TEAMGBGB” (Inverted) indicated by Union Jack Butterflies. The image is reversible, chose which Team you prefer, to be Displayed Up!

With my previous works, I am interested in codes and hidden messages. Within this work, I have divided the Butterfly which has an outline of 360’ into 26 equal segments to represent the 26 Letters of the Alphabet (see image for rotated through 180’ to represent the Letter M). The Butterfly has been rotated to spell the Letter “M” the Christian name of the swimmer.

Similarly, there is another hidden message. In the work, I am interested in transparency, the interaction between the body, and water, thus, diving into the water, below the water line, and coming up for air, creates different transparencies, when seen above as an aerial view. I have recreated this by using the transparency command on Adobe Illustrator, and assigning each letter a different transparency percentage (ratio of the body to that of water), thus surname letter “P” would be 80% of the Butterfly, and 20% of water showing.

List of Olympic Team USA (Top Lane #1-4) MP, KL, SM, RM
List of Paralympics Team USA (Top Lanes #5-8) BS, MC, RP, RM

List of Olympic Team GB (Bottom Lane #1-4) AP, HG, LH, SC
List of Paralympics Team GB (Bottom Lane #5-8) OH, BF, AM, HR

Printed with 10 colour archival quality pigment inks on 300g Paper

A4 Print 8.3″ x 11.7″ 210 mm x 297 mm Edition 1 of 25 or

A3 Print 11.7″ x 16.5″ 297 mm x 420 mm on A3 Plus Paper with white border (13″ x 19″ 329 mm x 483 mm) Edition 1 of 25

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