Shooting stars I.

The idea behind this artwork arouse from the first impression I was given by somebody who was running for a supposedly world’s most powerful political position and yet did leave a handful of intelligent individuals with opened mouths and another huge group of people offended.

Neither does he surprise with a new affront of a race or sex almost every now and then nor with his hairstyle which is undoubtedly the positive side of his, as it makes people have fun without adverse effects. Albeit this work of art gives an impression of a political poster, the message that is being conveyed has not much to do with politics. The message is about us. Humans. Our purpose. Because we are all here for a reason. We are all equal. The very last and least important person in the whole planet has the same right to live and to opine as the one who appears to be the opposite. That is what this picture is trying to divulge. Somebody who is nobody in the big world of law, money, power, war, conflicts, benefits, lies, amendments, crimes and politics, in his or her own world has one‘s own importance in a simple opinion. Maybe there will be a wall built to prevent migration of opinions soon… So this is more like a premonition of a possibly maleficent future for mankind.


Shooting stars: i.e. the stars symbolizing states united within one continent, here serve as a symbol of all states falling apart in opinion to declare the unanimity of their opposition. These stars are the eyes witnessing a nonsense and falling off of a notional flag because they cannot stand the senselessness of certain words and actions;

China: is not a country, but a word only in this case. A huge word being shouted and repeated in a loop, gradually converting to blaze;

A fly: a moonshine talk;

Apple: mask, big apple, masquerade;

Necktie: a rope woven of sabotage talk;

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