Shooting stars II.

Albeit title itself incites one to assume this picture is a diptych to the artwork Shooting stars I, it is not. However these two pieces do belong to the same series of artworks, and both appear to be dealing with political issues. The truth is ambivalent. Pictures do contain political figures and some national symbols such as flags, stars, colours, etc., and thus they try to mislead the viewer’s perception. Nevertheless symbolism is deep and has its importance for the author in both pictures. It provokes violent thoughts, yet was not meant to. The artwork is very straightforward and audacious. Shooting stars II is based on an animal in the first plan. A fox, negative to grant viewer with eye contact. The animal wears shades which fulfil the role of a shield to protect the fragility and timidity of a wild being, but at the same time the shaded glass mirrors its thoughts. Those of many, not just one fox. One thing both artworks share in a consequence, is the right to live and opine. Powerful individuals, with their decision making, influence all the creatures who they might never even think about, and the consequences of presumably heroic acts are sometimes in the end just devastating for the majority. People do elect themselves who they believe are patriots, strong individuals who are able to deliver a line and act when necessary. Ones who should act for good. But these individuals able to persuade the majority of a supposedly right thing, are sometimes drowning the truth under a horizon of lies. Sometimes those untruths are levelled in so many layers that they create a credible narration, and thus verity is presumed to be the falsehood. And still the majority of beings either human or the wild ones, suffer the consequences and have no power to induce a change. This artwork is a dream. A dream where a powerless creature can change the world with a simple thought. Dreamy noninvasive way to see the powerful ones out of their positions and let them make decisions which will affect them only.


Fox: a canine, living close to a man. Dog is understood to be man’s best friend and fox is a wild alternative to the domestic dog. It is intelligent and faithful. Beautiful and free. In this picture acts as a hero who can save the world from danger, iniquity and wrongness;

Sunglasses: mirror of thoughts, protective shield;

Snowstorm / Shooting stars: blizzard meaning anger of the Universe. It strongly blows to remove the stars from the flag because they are no more united in the political orientation;

Stars / Snowflakes: states and their inhabitants, lost in the nonsense which is strongly blown against them;

Hot-air Balloons: air vehicles to safely deliver the maleficence to the Supreme Court of the Universe;

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