Smiley Face of Yellow Submarine 2016

This work is the start of change of direction, of using Lino Printmaking as Medium following on from the series of Monoprints (Single One-Off Prints) earlier this year.

This work has been inspired by the Artist, The Beatles, in particular the Track, “The Yellow Submarine”, which features the Fab Four Artists in a Yellow Submarine, sailing the Sea of Green and Sky of Blue. I have given each of Artist a porthole window, from left to right, a Star, porthole, for Ringo Starr, John & Paul, share the centre circles, forming a pair of yellow sunglasses of the 60s, and at the far right, George with playing the Sitar (Indian Musical Guitar, as featured in the song “Love you to”). The Submarine has been given a Smiley Face, within a wavy yellow-green sea. The Submarine has funnels on top, which is blowing Bubbles, with either three or four letter words, from the Lyrics of the Song.

This is a very Limited Edition of Only 10, hand-printed by the Artist, made to order, colours may slightly vary.

Delivering from:
, United Kingdom (UK)
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