Story of the Eye

How does your proposal Reinvent the City?

There is a consequence of imagining the City as a domestic environment. It is as though planning the city can be like moving furniture around a room. While the majority of domestic situations leave their furniture in one place, to gather dust under unseen surfaces, the opportunity to engage with their relative autonomy suggests that architecture needs to be apparent; open to interpretation in the literal sense, advancing an imaginative mobility of the idea that design can orchestrate. We can surpass the architectural narrative that governs us and qualify the digital environment as the logical progression of space.

How does your proposal Rethink Spatiality?

What presents itself is phenomenology; the articulation of a limitless linear set of ideas set in place by the marked object that links to the practice of the living architect. What starts as a vision indicated by experience opens up a plethora of motives to find direction beyond the built environment. This is the principal of narrative architecture and it is only held back by lack of inquisitiveness. Space is an occupation of time both for the architect and history and it is up to us to understand its difficulty and appease its development gently.

How does your proposal Reactivate the Site?

The site will be like an inside-out house that operates digitally by the appearance of the roundel and juxtaposes the symbology of the domestic object with the practice of the architect. It will be a space for thinking, learning and engaging and encouraging architectural participation, both by the profession at large and the student on their pathway. From a distance the work would seem like an innocuous surreal skyline mimicking the city, but within the voyeur will become part of recognising the future by embracing the perception of the past that we have never had.

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