strings attached #04

Body Parts: part III – Strings Attached (series)

With this shoot, I explored my feelings about the human body, particularly as depicted in digital media during the past twenty years. I have always found it an ugly/beautiful thing and decided to ‘deconstruct’ my mannequins to help me understand why. I took them apart and hung the pieces from a scaffolding frame before photographing them in static and moving poses, sometimes swinging them in random directions to generate unpredictable and chaotic results.

The resulting photos mostly suggested violence, sex and death with dark cinematic/TV themes, and although the beauty is there, it tends to reveal itself in shy, secretive ways. As the shoot progressed, the images increasingly confirmed my suspicion that there is something inherently violent, or at least problematic, in contemporary depictions of the human body and that my love-hate relationship with it is widely shared.

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Melbourne, United Kingdom (UK)
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