The Ambassadors

This is from a series of paintings that play with the graphic line, and with broader notions of the term ‘graphic’. Many pieces in the series are derived from acts that are often deemed graphic, and in its portrayal of an act of violence, The Ambassadors is no different. It takes its figurative element from a photograph that appeared in many of the British tabloids some years ago, showing a fight between some English and Turkish ‘football fans’.

The figures in The Ambassadors are all reduced down to the bare minimum needed to accurately convey the visual message of the drawing (a skill that was honed during my earlier life as a technical illustrator).

The white line of the ‘drawing’ element of this painting is actually the primed surface showing through, so when you view the piece in the flesh, so to speak, your eye fluctuates slightly between the painted surface and the line drawing below. Upon viewing the work, this can give the impression of the line of the drawing vibrating slightly.

The second photo of The Ambassadors shows the side view of the painting where you can see how the lines sheer off over the edge.

Gloss paint and acrylic on MDF box structure.

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