The Miracle of Birth

This metal art copper necklace is titled “The Miracle of Birth”, as it illustrates the mystic beauty of creating and giving life. The symbols on the first plan represent the moment of giving birth, the point of the separation of new lives from the mother’s womb (the opened bud). The new beings are free, ready to fly and explore the world, but at the same time very fragile and tiny (the three dots). And this moment itself is a metaphysical and emotional flash of light – these are the triangles on both sides of the pendant. To make this miracle possible, the symbolic fertile soil of motherly care is necessary, supported and activated by the reviving shower of love, which is represented by the textures of the background.

The pendant is hand forged of copper. The symbols are soldered to the base with a silver solder. The textures are hammered into the base. The pendant is oxidized and the symbols are polished to a mirror finish. The necklace is tarnish protected with the renaissance wax.

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