Bee Project: Try Pop Phobia of Hornetz v BeezBusterz! 2016

This digital artwork is entitled ‘Try Pop Phobia of Hornetz v BeezBusterz’ and is to highlight the effects of Global Warming on the Bee population through the games of Word Search and the television game show ‘Blockbusters’ (UK & US version). The title is referring to the word Trypophobia (which is phobia of holes, eg as in holes in sponges, or in particular, holes in the honeycomb of bees hives. The Artist has split these up into manageable syllables of Try Pop & Phobia, Pop refers to Pop Art movement). The artwork is an aerial view (as the view of Bees) of the outside of a Bee Hive highlighted in Blue, with a hornet in Blue, and the inside in Yellow/Orange of the hexagon honeycombs of the Bee Hive, with the Bees defending their Hive, by building a Wall of linking hexagons. The hexagons with text are similar to that used in the game show Blockbusters (see last image).

In Blockbusters two teams compete against each other to form a vertical line, from top to bottom (represented by the Bees in Yellow/Orange) and the opposite, left to right (representing the Hornets, represented in Blue). There is an unbalance in the work, The Bees (in Yellow/Orange, have to link 12 hexagons vertically), whereas the Hornets (in Blue have to link 9 hexagons horizontally), the Artist is suggesting that due to the size of the Hornets (double the size of Bees) that they have advantage, and possibly Win the Game!

Global warming is increasing the global temperature and the Asian & European Hornets are migrating to warming climates, from Asia across Europe and more recently onto United Kingdom, where they are destroying our Bee population.

This work is a piece of Conceptual Art. The work follows a sequence of repetitive hexagons that is repeated, it contains text, inspired by the previous work ‘Help FOTE Save Beez!!’ (typically four letter words split into two letters syllables and linked together, and have been inspired by Friends of the Earth publications, 20 things you need to know about bees, Iconic bees -12 UK bee species, Great British Bee Count etc.), the same colours of Pop Art (these are standard colours that come pre-installed within Illustrator and have not been modified by the Artist).

Printed with 10 colour archival quality pigment inks on 300g Paper

A4 Print 8.3″ x 11.7″ 210 mm x 297 mm Edition 1 of 25 or

A3 Print 11.7″ x 16.5″ 297 mm x 420 mm on A3 Plus Paper with white border (13″ x 19″ 329 mm x 483 mm) Edition 1 of 25

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, United Kingdom (UK)
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