Tsunami of Life…Ride the crest of Banksy Vence Biennale Wave!

This artwork is for the Octopus Energy Art Prize “Portraits from the Precipice” 2019-2020 to raise the issue of Global Warming.

Global warming is increasing the global temperature by the increase in greenhouse gases of CO2 being trapped in the Earth system. The rise in the global temperature, causes the Ice Sheets of Artic and Antarctica and the Glaciers such as Alps, Himalayas, Andres, Rockies to melt resulting in additional water making Sea Levels to rise.

Within the next 100 years at the current rate of Global Warming the world will be 4 deg C Warmer, resulting in estimated 8-9 inches in Sea Level Rise and affected 470-770m people Worldwide.

This work deals with the Sea Rise in Venice, however, other cities affected are, London, New York City, New Orleans, Boston, Houston, Miami, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Toyko, Vancouver etc.

“…Venice, Italy, is facing its annual flooding season. Water levels peaked at 4 feet, 3 inches (1.27 meters) on Tuesday [12th November 2019], according to the Associated Press…”

“…It’s high-water season in Venice, meaning that heavy rains and high tides cause the lower parts of the city, including the tourist area of St. Mark’s Square, to flood…” Associated Press

This work has also been inspired by Banksy’s recent work “Venice in Oil” that depicts a cruise ship at Venice with a nod to the Venice Biennale. See second from last image

“…Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, for some reason I’ve never been invited” Banksy Venice Biennale quote

“…Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, I can’t afford to visit Venice Biennale nor Venice” Vincent Da Vinci

This work has also been inspired by the previous work “Tsunami of Life…Ride the crest of the Waves!” Feb-16 (Sold) – See Last Image

#The Impossible, 2012 (film – opening Tsunami scene)
#Naomi Watts
#Ewan McGregor
#Thailand Tsunami
#See Art from different Perspective
#Roy Lichtenstein
#Pop Art
#Conceptual Art

Pen & Ink Acrylic Drawing on 220g Paper

Limited Edition 1 of 5 each one hand-made by the Artist, may vary slightly.

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, United Kingdom (UK)
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