One of the most prolific street artists in London and the only artist with permission to inadvertently paint the streets of London.

Seekay’s “Outer Space” paintings came about unintentionally as a result of working for the London Local Authority enviro-crime team. He travels the city daily, instructed to to cover up Graffiti and tags deemed by the council to be “annoying expressions of anti-social behaviour that undermine our sense of wellbeing making us feel uncomfortable in our own neighbourhoods”.

The council provides the untrained artist with limited tools which is rather ironic considering they have such strong beliefs about the detriment of Graffiti on peoples lives. Making use of discarded masonry paint and roller brushes from other departments, often in random colours or neutrals they will be
layered over the so-called vandalised walls, each time more acts of vandalism are committed on the wall he will return to paint over it again using whatever colours are provided. Each time a job is complete the work will be documented and sent to the Local Authority for approval. Through this process Seekay has fortuitously developed a refreshing mark making style creating multilayer compositions that exude an awareness of form and balance.

As of Spring 2021 the artists employer (LLA) has yet to realise that the job has become a personal art project and continue to remunerate Seekay and promote the project as they did prior to the realisation of his work being deemed art…

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