V 50 Banksy Note of HRH Princess Diana (RHS version with Finger Print ID)

This is part of the Collection of works exploring past “Retro Celebrity Stars”

This work has been inspired by the Graffiti Artist Banksy of £10 Bank Note featuring “HRH Princess Diana” (see last image)

However, in this work I have given a Retro Monochrome feel by using Black and White to re-create the past Bank Notes of the 1920s to 1960s in the UK which is no longer in circulation (see 4th image). This work covers period from 1918 to 2018, anniversary of World War I.

Due to legal issues of using the word “Bank” I have changed to “Banksy” and created an imaginary place of “Tracey Island” (nod to “Thunderbirds”), Artist “Tracey Emin” and the Caribbean Island of “St.Vincent”

Also been inspired by the films “TED” (featuring Teddy Bear) and “Paddington” Bear. In the UK it’s possible to change Bank Notes at the “Bank of England” into Gold of the same Monetary Value as noted by the words “I promise the Bearer…”. I am unable to honour this pledge but changed to “Promise to the Bear, A to Z Teddy Beer” (alt. Art work TBC)

Limited Edition 1 of 50 on A5 280g Paper

“Bansky” Notes features additional security features to prevent forgers.

1. Signed by the Artist on the front in Pen & Ink above the words “Vincent da Vinci, Chief Print Works”
2. Right Hand Side Finger Print of the Artist in the circle on the Bottom Left Hand Side of the “Banksy” Note
3. An additional security measure invisible to the naked eye!

Delivering from:
, United Kingdom (UK)
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