War on Terror: Liberty’s X Escape by Brooklyn Bridge

This was inspired by the events of the collapse of the World Trade Center, New York after 9/11 and is a narrative journey inspired by the real-life account.

Simple Four letter words taken from poetry written by Heroes on the front line with contrasting perceived Villains have been formed into a playable word search, reveal to engage the viewer to decipher the code and solve the puzzle. Within the foreground depicts an Unknown Fireman (similar to the unknown Soldier of Wars) of 9/11 with torso containing horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with hidden words ‘Help, Hero, Fire, Zero’, inspired by the lines of Bridget Riley and Roy Lichtenstein. The unknown Fireman is holding onto the ‘Statue of Liberty’. The Statue of Liberty is an icon of New York, USA and is symbolic of Liberty and Freedom.

Liberty has also been inspired by the Painting of ‘Liberty Leading the People’ by Delacroix. The unknown Fireman is escaping Manhattan, NYC to the neighbouring district Brooklyn by Brooklyn Bridge, and has been inspired by Edvard Munch ‘The Scream’.

Within the upper top left corner are Stars of the Stars and Stripes, split to arrange the two Twin Towers with the words ’19 Are Stair Case Immune’. This has been arranged in a stepping staircase, in which there were 19 survivors of Staircase B, who were shielded by the staircase when the Tower Collapsed. The background has been further arranged in lines, similarly inspired by the work of Bridget Riley and Roy Lichtenstein.

The artwork is Mixed Media of Pen & Ink Acrylic, Oil Painting and Paper Collage signed and dated on the right-hand side by the Artist. The paper collage has been printed with 10 colour archival quality pigment inks on 280g Paper.

A3 Print 11.7″ x 16.5″ 297 mm x 420 mm on A3 Plus Paper with white border (13″ x 19″ 329 mm x 483 mm) Edition 1 of 25

A2 Print 16.5″ x 23.4″ 420 mm x 594 mm on A2 Plus Paper with white border (19″ x 28.4″ 483 mm x 721 mm) Edition 1 of 25

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