Buy art from living artists the dead ones don't need the money

    Buy art from living artists the dead ones don't need the money

    Creative Debuts is a disruptor and a democratiser. And we are stirring up the artworld.

    There are not enough paid opportunities for artists that are trying to make their way in the world. We change that by providing a bridge between commercial organisations and undiscovered artists.

    People rarely collect emerging art or use it to enliven the walls of their homes. We change that through raising awareness with our events, emerging artist content, and by providing a shop window for the world to explore emerging art.
    We have a radical approach – champion the emerging artist, activate the banal and have a positive impact. Equality and diversity are in our DNA. Our artwork is cutting edge, it pushes boundaries. Our artists are predominantly from marginalised groups, we push them forward.

    Creative Debuts was founded in 2016 by Calum Hall. Studying at Goldsmiths, Calum saw a gap in the market. A pay gap. Becoming an artist was one thing, being paid and becoming established quite another, and particularly hard for artists from certain demographics.

    Calum looked around and saw extreme talent go to waste, artists being treated unfairly, and an artworld that needed a disruptive injection.

    He turned his passion and attention towards creating a platform to drive the emerging art world forward, democratise art, and disrupt the status quo. In 2021 Calum was recognised in the #Forbes30under30.
    Calum Hall Creative Debuts Founder Forbes 30 Under 30  

    But we don’t stop there. Like you - the pandemic has been boring, frustrating and at times down right depressing for us. But we’re back now and ready to pump up the volume with more activations, initiatives, content, and emerging art than ever before. 

    Sticking to the principles that got us this far

    • We don’t ask for exclusivity from artists
    • We pay artists fairly
    • We are the bridge between the creative world and commercial opportunities
    • We are the antidote to the lack of diversity in the artworld
    • We shine a spotlight on undiscovered talent.