March Featured Artist Interview

Our featured artist spot is starting to become the prime location for an emerging artist. We give one of our talented artists a spot on the homepage as the months featured artist. These are the individuals who are pioneering in the creative industry and we want you to know a bit more about them and see how the world of an emerging artist works. The artists who promote themselves and Creative Debuts through their own channels are rewarded with this virtual featured trophy.


March Artist – Usamah Kise


– What have you been upto this month with your practice?  

Recently I have been working on a project focusing around the controversial topic of Palestine and Gaza. I have been trying to portray my views and opinion on the situation, but in a subtle and less obvious way with a range of techniques. Such as screen printing and mixed media collage. However it has been developing over months now and the past few days I have been focusing more on art expressionism through mark making and brush strokes.  With these pieces, I work with a lot of layers, overlapping a lot of the black and white creating different tones and shades. These pieces allow me to be as free and expressive as my mind allows me to be.

– What has been the highlight of your practice so far?  

The highlight of my practice is definitely the friendships and relationships I have created over the months. I have met and worked with some amazing artists and great people. To see and be around such creativity everyday is very humbling.  The people I share my studio space with have inspired me in so many ways, without even realizing.

– What are your plans for the next 6 months?  

My plans for the next 6 months are not concrete yet, however I would like to finish all my pieces ready for my upcoming exhibition on April 2nd. In this exhibition, I will be showcasing my Palestine and Gaza work. After that, I would like to start painting again in the graffiti scene and show people in the graffiti scene that I’m still around and active as ever. I would also like to travel Europe this summer; however saying and doing are two completely different things.

– Sum up your practice in 3 words?




– Ultimate artist inspiration 

It changes a lot, at the moment Franz Kline and his mark making through monotone colors.

– Tell us about your education and how it helped develop you and your practice?  

I’ve never been that good at academic subjects like English and Science, being in school made me realize all I wanted to do was art. I was happiest when I was able to visually express my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Art College was also a very big development stage for me. As I went in to it as a Graphic and product designer and came about an Illustrator and fine artist.

– Do you have any advice for other young emerging artists? 

Stay focused and don’t get distracted. Don’t follow the crowd, create your own path and do what you feel is right. Don’t chase success; let success come to you when the time is right.

– Where is your favourite place?

Tough question! It changes a lot, but recently I would have to say my families’ home back in Bahrain. I have really good memories of all my family together in the sun having a barbeque with music playing and everyone laughing. Especially as we rarely get any sun here!

– What’s your favourite piece on your Creative Debuts profile? 

All of them, they’re different and individual to me. They all have a different story and meaning behind them and are all created with different techniques and materials.

– What does Creative Debuts mean to you? 

Creative debuts have done a lot for me, they’ve given me many opportunities to promote myself and allow myself to become successful in what is an extremely tough field of work. They show me a lot of support and encouragement with what I do and I hope I will get the chance to show them the support they have shown me

– And finally, favourite animal and why? 

Monkey! We both have a huge love for bananas!

We hope you enjoyed reading Usamah’s answers, certainly a great insight into his practice and experience.

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