Artwork Care Guide


  • Keep artwork out of direct sunlight. This will avoid cracking or fading
  • NEVER lean anything against the surface of your artwork
  • Store them in the tube provided with the archival paper, or in a frame and away from anything that could lean against the surface
  • Try to not lean artworks together when storing - separate them with cardboard squares
  • Dust artworks with a clean, soft rag occasionally to prevent dust build up if they are exposed, NEVER use liquid cleaner or water
  • Hang artworks away from messy areas so that they do not accumulate dust, dirt, pollutants. Hang away from the kitchen where cooling oils are prevalent, and away from garden entrances where insects can land on the artwork
  • Wrap artwork carefully whenever it is going to be in transported well if you plan to transport it. Use cardboard on both front and back to protect it. Bubble wrap and place in a suitable cardboard box or tube.
  • NEVER handle artwork in a rough or careless manner
  • Avoid extreme dryness, humidity, heat and cold environments. All of these conditions can affect the state of your artwork in a negative way
  • Don’t try to fix artwork yourself, email
  • Don’t over artwork with plastic as they may accumulate mould if left, use a cotton covering
  • Check stored artwork regularly and displayed artwork regularly for its condition
  • Preferably frame artwork under non-reflective glass treated with a coating to protect UV sunlight protection.
  • Creative Debuts uses acid free paper - ensure that you use the acid free materials when framing (e.g. acid free tape) this prevents moisture damage.