Before you apply, please read the grant details below:

· Applicants must be based in the UK.

· This is specifically for Black artists (those with Black heritage and identify as Black); not politically Black, not POC or BAME.

· Recipients will be chosen monthly by a Creative Debuts selector partner

· Every few months this selector will change. Follow us on Instagram for regular updates in relation to our selectors.

· Each successful recipient will receive £500

· There is no deadline as this is a monthly rolling grant, no age limit, and the grant does not expect any outcomes or reporting. Please only apply once, if you apply in February for example, you are still eligible for selection in a different month, all applications are kept and reviewed. You will not be informed if unsuccessful, as all applications remain valid and are reviewed regularly by the selectors.

· The grant is currently supported by Creative Debuts and Most Wanted Wines. We are always open to having new sponsors join the team. If this is of interest, please email