Open until 13/11/2021

Every day from 11 - 7pm

Mall Level -1, Unit 3, Canada Place

Between JD Sports and Samsung


Half a Roast Chicken & Creative Debuts present ‘Don’t cry over
spilt milk’, an immersive exhibition which transforms a slice of Canary Wharf into a place of pure, unadulterated happiness. The space, which the artist describes as a ‘Wonder Ground’, is bathed in neon light, pink hues and purple lavender. 

The title of the exhibition, Don’t cry over split milk, is a reminder not to let things we cannot change get in the way of the happiness we all deserve. Through exploring the different sections of the exhibit you will be immersed in the artist’s unexpected, but also familiar thoughts, and reminded of the power of positivity.

This exhibition is the latest and biggest body of work by Eve De Haan, the London based artist behind Half a Roast Chicken.

Eve’s degree in Theology has informed and influenced her work, developing a strong body of installations which examine concepts of change and the imprint technology is having on youth culture.

Eve has exhibited in Europe and the US in iconic galleries such as the Saatchi gallery and the museum of neon in LA. She recently lead an Instagram live for the Tate modern,  she has had billboards in London, created artwork for Nike and been interviewed for major publications.