Lawrence Meju
Nigeria | @lawrence_koby

Lawrence Meju is a visual artist currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. His work is inspired by the people around him, daily interactions that portray human connection, and his hunger to create unimagined worlds.

He recently graduated with a B.Sc in Architecture from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and he is quite intentional about finding his nexus between art and architecture, both disciplines inspiring each other. Growing up, making art was more of a hobby for him, however, his love for it intensified steadily through the years, and a stronger bond has formed between himself and his art ever since.

He looks to inspire authenticity as well as explore his ideas and creative styles no matter how mundane they may seem because he believes that seeing the big picture sometimes requires an intersection of so many ideas. He tells his stories with a variety of mediums – textured paper, upcycled paper, paint, and digital media.

His works have been exhibited at the adidas flagship London with Creative Debuts (2022), “The Ties that bind us” virtual group exhibition with The Cowrie Culture (2022), and the “Desire Lines” exhibition with Affinity Art Gallery (2022). He recently emerged a runner-up at the Visible Artist Award (2023).

Trapped in Nostalgia


'Palm Tree Sundays'