Nick Davis
Canada | @NDArtLife

With the evolution of technology and the rise of self sufficient creators, Nick Davis is taking the world of multimedia art by storm. Inspired by the greats who came before him such as Brooklyn graffiti pioneer Jean-Michel Basquiat and the renowned Kerry James Marshall, the St. Petersburg, FL native began sketching and painting at a young age; following in the footsteps of those he admired.

In 2019, Davis took on digital artistry after epilepsy left him unable to work. Using an iPad gifted to him by his wife, he began to experiment with computer generated artwork. He would soon realise that he was not only determined to master his technique that is now recognised around the world but that he also wanted to use the art-form to depict the raw emotions of Blacks in their day to day joy and struggles. Before long, Davis constructed an entire collection of digital art that portrayed his love for his culture, appropriately titled, Black Is Beautiful.