Product Questions

Can I pre-order limited edition prints or be put on a waiting list? 

Limited edition prints are available for purchase as soon as they are released to anyone and everyone! We don’t operate a waiting list it is first come first serve! The best way to be kept up-to-date of availability, releases, and offers is through our newsletter sign up. We will set up an artwork collections subscription service in the future – so watch this space!

Is my artwork framed?
The Artwork is not framed, it is delivered in strong cardboard tube with archival paper protection, and bubble wrap inside the tube to ensure your artwork arrives in perfect condition.

How do I get my artwork framed?
Email us and we will provide you with full details of our framing service.

Size guides?
Please see the graphic on the product page where we have laid out all the different Artwork sizes next to a regular set of furniture for comparison.

How should I care for my artwork?
This is an important question! Please see our Artwork Care Guide

Is my artwork going to go up in value?
Creative Debuts collaborates with emerging artists. Our aim is to provide a launchpad to catapult the emerging artist into artworld superstardom. We seek artists that are dynamic and have a unique style. The artists we collab with are engaged and ambitious. You are supporting them, and you are also investing in artwork at an early stage that has been curated by us for its potential. Therefore your artwork could go up in value, particularly if it is limited edition. 

Can I send as a gift?
Watch this space! We will be launching gifting options soon. Sign up to the newsletter for updates.

Can I buy the same artwork anywhere else?
If it is limited edition, it is exclusive to Creative Debuts. We also sell non limited edition prints from many of our artists. Check the product description to be sure!