Sesen Haileselassie
Canada | @sesendoesart

Sesen Haileselassie (b. 1998) is a Toronto based illustrator and graphic designer exploring the human condition through her lens as a daughter of East African migrants who settled in Toronto, Canada. Haileselassie invokes her experiences as a Black woman through her depictions of her dreams and her fears in her bold illustration work. As a graphic designer, Haileselassie has created work for small businesses and organisations across Toronto. She is currently working towards using her design and illustration work to create awareness surrounding conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, where the largest humanitarian conflict in the world has been underway since November 2020. She has used her illustration 'Selam' to raise funds for Omna Tigray, which has been providing aid to those affected by war and famine in Tigray, Ethiopia.