United Kingdom | @uowciii

UOWCIII is a project by Melissa Olley, named after a character which performs as a “Face” throughout an on-going series of works. During this series, UOWCIII acts as a mascot, a symbol of “Infinity”, and an emblematic figure of “Wonder” and “Curiosity”, playing somewhere between the “Imagined” and the “Real”, to question the co-existence and dialogue of “Object” & “Idea”. UOWCIII’s identity and “Building Block” environments explore the capacity of the “Everyday” through the wonderfully dramatic spectacles that encapsulate the “Illogicalities”, “Optimism” and “Anticipatory Excitement” of our childlike imagination; an allure into the intrinsic characteristics of the vividest state, encoded somewhere in the familiarity of our fascinating, captivating, entertaining and immersively evolving “Realities”.

Where UOWCIII lives, plays and watches on as an inanimate, motionless, yet “Alive” subject, evolving playgrounds adapt continuously in any sense of any possible dimension, by colour – shape – perspective. By structure – object – and format.

Capturing a “Snapshot” of a universe - a tiny chunk of a “Minimised World – a “Guess” of a utopia - UOWCIII occupies the abstractions of the “Motives”, “Images” and “Amusement” of the imaginary “Triggers” and little “Switches” of our incalculable, incomputable, boundless curiosity.

"A story between the viewer and the "Real" - the viewer and the "Imaginary" - as a constant focal point, UOWCIII references the identification and validity between the spectator and the experience of the "Idea" - the experience of the "Object" - and the experience of the simulational “Infinities” in the worlds of the universally “Imaginable”.